Notifies potential baptism candidates and provides a list of those participating.  Assist baptism candidates in preparing for and participating in the Ordinance of Baptism.  Provide support and encouragement to candidates, especially those who feel insecure.  Ensure that baptismal robes, towels and other supplies are available and in appropriate condition for use and are returned to their proper place after each baptism.  Take care of laundering items as they are used.


Children’s Church & Nursery

Build Christian values; enhance biblical principles, self-esteem, and morals for children  (ages 1-12 years) in a safe, comfortable, loving and spiritual environment.


Christian Education

Research and submit teaching material for seniors, adults, young adults, teens and children. Will work with the coordinators of the above ministries to make sure all teaching settings are staffed appropriately. Teaching settings include but not limited to Church School, Bible Study and Vacation Bible School.


Offer support to those in need of assistance to satisfy a basic necessity of life.  Through this ministry, clothing is available for persons of all ages.  We render services to support other ministries.



Purposed to deliver a creative means of spreading the gospel message through plays, skits, and dance throughout the year.  

drama & arts


Help people improve their quality of life through job placement potential referrals.

Employment Assistance


Witness to the lost, testify of God’s goodness, love, grace, and mercy; and win souls so that people are released from bondage and delivered unto the glory of Jesus Christ. 



Repairers of the breach for the younger generation by bringing those who are lost to Christ for healing and restoration.



Distribute donated food and personal hygiene items to individuals and families in need, free of charge.  Welcome clients in a friendly and compassionate manner that maintains their dignity.

Food pantry


Display a servant’s spirit to all who enter the Love Center by providing an atmosphere of warmth and always being ready to refresh the physical man through food.



Facilitate a successful transition into the Love Center family, all those uniting with the body of Christ; by monitoring the completion of Intensive Care classes; and by seeking to insure that all new members become fruitful, productive and obedient servants of God.

intensive care


Initiate and establish meaningful relationships with men in and out of the body.  We will take time to know their predicament and make our advantages available for their advancement according to the word of God.

j.u.s.t brothers


Provide a safe and exciting alternative environment that will encourage youth to develop an open, honest and caring relationship with Jesus Christ and others; that will enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of youth.

j.a.m church


Become bonded as sisters across generational lines and share love and commitment to each other.  Our focus is to continually increase our spiritual growth.  We will prayerfully bring the lost to Christ by freeing the spirits and healing the souls.

J.U.S.T SIsters


Provide an opportunity to enhance and motivate the minds of children while working with them spiritually, emotionally and culturally.

love center academy


Develop a cutting edge presentation of the Gospel that is designed to market our beliefs in Jesus Christ through television, radio, print and Internet.

love life media


Set the atmosphere in order by making God’s people ready to receive the preaching or teaching of the Gospel.  Through a balanced variety of musical expression, the saints will be ushered into God’s presence with praise and worship.

music department


Maintain campus-wide procedures for emergency and safety needs covering all services and functions of the church facility.  Patrol the buildings and grounds during worship and special events.  Assist guests in finding appropriate parking and aid in controlling the traffic flow to ensure the parking lot is a safe and inviting environment. 



Tend to some of the basic needs of senior citizens in our church community.  Unfortunately, this ministry is geared toward some of the most neglected souls in the church.  We believe that assessing their needs and systematically seeking to meet them, we will cause their last years to be their best years.  



Plan and coordinate the fulfillment and manifestation of God’s will for our annual Holy Convocation, Family Conference, Pastor’s Celebration and other church wide events.

special events


Meet and greet people as they enter the sanctuarty.  We further assist with the orderly flow of people during the worship celebration, so as to minimize distractions and maintain a fluid worshipful experience.  



Works to enhance the appearance of our sanctuary and physical grounds through tasteful decoration and advertisements of LC events and activities.

visual arts

Below are ministries that are a vital part of the Love Center, but participation is by appointment only.

Fellowship of Clergy




Intercessory Prayer  

Altar Workers  

Pastoral Attendants (PPA)