The Love Center (GRSBC) has been a faithful and functional part of the city of Atlanta for nearly a century.  It has been well known to be a house with a strong and vivid gospel message and musical celebration.

In 1992, God provided The Love Center with a passionate and visionary leader in the person of Byron L. Broussard to help it to fulfill its ministry potential.  Since that time, “The Love Center” has been purposed and designed to meet the needs of the total man; mind, body and spirit.  

Through God’s grace over the years, The Love Center has evolved to become a house of faithful worshippers, committed servants, and an intimate spiritual family.  The Love Center has been equipped and empowered to educate people through its Academy, promote good physical health through its Wellness Center/Sports ministry, deliver the word of God through media, including TV, radio, and the internet, and bear witness to the healing and restoration of once poor, hurting and lost people.

Currently, The Love Center has worship celebrations and ministry efforts in two locations in Georgia and supports missions across the globe including Nigeria, Finland, and The US Virgin Islands.  Through its staff of committed Elders, Ministers, and teams of lay leaders, consistent efforts are made to reach the city of Atlanta and beyond with information, inspiration, and resources to facilitate change, repair breaches, and guarantee continuity in our community.

The vision of our ministry is to “Cross ALL the Lines to reach ALL the people with the Healing Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has anointed Pastor Byron L. Broussard to lead this body in an effort to Take THIS Love to the WHOLE World.  Pastor Broussard is married to Mrs. Carol Broussard. To this union was born two children Amanda and Austin.